The MTip Team & Company

  • Design

    Moterum’s MTip crutch tip will revolutionize the way you use your crutches and/or cane! The design was created in the lab by a graduate student looking to learn how to predict and optimize the shape of a non-uniform rolling object. Our unique design allows you greater stability and mobility. The revolutionary grooves ‘rolling tips’ assist you when you are going up a hill or down a hill—just flip your MTip to feel the difference. Don’t settle for less. Your mobility and safety are worth the investment!

  • Why Buy?

    When you purchase the MTip, you are taking a step towards greater mobility. The MTip was intended not only to work better than ordinary crutch tips, but to last longer, too. The MTip was designed and built on principles of quality, durability and reliability. We make heavy duty, non-slip, rubber crutch tips—not cheap, run-of-the-mill ones! You can depend on the MTip to get you through snow, sand and rainy conditions. Get out and about with the MTip! We want you to get out in your community with ease and we believe that our crutch tips will help you do that. Don’t buy replacement crutch tips that don’t live up to your standards. It’s time to upgrade! Buy the MTip crutch tips today!



David is the founder and CEO of Moterum. His expertise in commercialization strategies comes from over 15 years of working with early stage technologies at numerous universities. He has worked closely with technology transfer offices in not only protecting their technology through patents but also in helping them to decide how to deploy their limited resources. He is an expert in translating groundbreaking science into realistic commercial opportunities.



Brian Cummings is currently a Managing Director in Alta Ventures Fund II as well as a primary advisor to Moterum Llc. Brian has had a successful career in starting hundreds of technology-based companies and is passionate about changing the way in which breakthrough technologies get commercialized.


Devin is a Product Manager with Moterum that is currently heading up the MTip Crutch Tip. Devin holds a Bachelors degree from Clemson University as well an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Clemson University. Masters degree from Clemson University, He spends most of his time working with customers and the managing development of Moterum's Crutch and Crutch Accessories market segment.  In his free time, he can be found on the ski slopes or working in a coffee shop.

Tim Hess - The Engineer 


Tim is a Research Engineer with Moterum. He brings diverse experience in research, design, and manufacturing to the team from academia and a variety of roles in industry.Tim holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mechanical engineering as well as an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Clemson University. At Moterum, Tim spends his time scouting and vetting new technologies as well as managing the technology development process required to advance new products to market.



Jonathan is a Project Manager within Moterum. He spends most of his time sourcing new technology opportunities and managing the development and commercialization for new and existing Moterum projects. 

Hunter Louderback


Hunter is extremely passionate about discovering and commercializing technologies that better human lives and society as a whole.  His strengths are his science and business acumen, as well as his legal knowledge of licensing innovative technologies.  The BULK of what he does is directing and controlling the movement of intellectual property, as well as providing the support and agility to successfully bring innovative technologies to market.  Hunter holds a BS in biochemistry and economics from Ohio State, as well as a MS in entrepreneurial biotechnology from Case Western.